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JOMY Retractable Ladder Vs Mini Jomy Ladder

Jomy Mini-Jomy
Opening mechanism
  • Patented Mechanism
  • Multiple opening handles can be installed at any desired position on the ladder (every 30cm).
  • Simple manual latch
  • Single opening latch at the foot of the ladder
Dimensions and performance
  • ~7.5Kg / m
  • Rung width: 60cm (useful: 49cm)
  • Closed ladder section: 110mm x 100mm
  • Max rung charge: 450Kg
  • Max charge mobile upright: 5000Kg
  • ~4.2Kg / m
  • Rung width: 53cm (useful: 45cm)
  • Closed ladder section: 92mm x 84mm
  • Max rung charge: 350Kg
  • Max charge mobile upright: 2500Kg
  • Left or right
  • Not available
  • Min 2 workers
  • One attachment every 1.5m
  • Opening mechanism to be installed
  • Min 2 workers
  • One attachment every 1m
  • No opening mechanism to be installed
Price Lower than JOMY for same height
Recommended use
  • Evacuation and access
  • Unlimited height
  • Only access
  • Height up to +/- 8m